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Your Success is What Drives Us

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At Excelsior Education, we know that learning is not one size fits all. Finding the study method that suits you is the best way to ensure improvement in your scores and overall academic achievement. When learning becomes fun, motivation grows, and good results are sure to follow.


This attitude is what makes us such a successful Tutoring School. Since our founding in 2000, Excelsior has helped hundreds of students with their studies. 

Over the years Excelsior has run classes in North Fitzroy and at Fitzroy secondary school. We then moved to our own premises in Fairfield where we taught face to face classes until the pandemic struck. COVID created a forced move to online learning, but rather than seeing this as a problem, Excelsior excelled! In what was a rather surprising discovery, we found that our vibrant classes, clear presentations and extensive notes not to mention the time saved from travelling, meant that the vast majority of students actually preferred online delivery of our classes. 

We do have a strict  "always on" camera rule and this ensures that students are always present in the class.  

Our experienced teachers continue to teach small classes of students and the same care is shown, online or face to face. We pride ourselves on providing quality teaching, where students are equipped with the skills that they need for success in English. We provide excellent and extensive notes and examples and work through essays and exams with our students, focusing on the individual needs of each student. Our results speak for themselves and almost every year we have students achieving perfect study scores. However, what is more important is that every student is able to reach their best potential in English, English language or Literature, regardless of their score. 

Learning is a continuum and we live by our name “Excelsior” onwards and upwards. 

Course Information

Personalised Guidance Every Step of the Way

Our highly qualified teachers help you achieve your goals with proven methods that guarantee results. We support students looking to both strengthen their foundations and improve their performance. Below are some of the courses we offer.

Word Collage

English Language

Weekly classes for VCE English Language

Our weekly classes cover all aspects of the English Language course.

Education Books Bookshelves

Short Courses

throughout the year we offer shorter targeted courses in the following ares:

scholarship preparation
VCE introduction
writing skills  
NAPLAN preparation
essay writing 

English Tutor

Year 7-10 English

Weekly classes online or face to face

Weekly classes to target areas of difficulty and to accelerate.

English Teacher

VCE English

Year 11 and 12 English weekly classes

Weekly classes that cover every section of the VCE exam and SACs. Contact us for more information and to register. Click to book!

Our Team

With You Every Step of the Way

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Elizabeth Verrell

Founder and teacher

Elizabeth founded Excelsior nearly 15 years ago. She has over 35 years teaching experience, has been an examiner of English and has presented at Education conferences both in Australia and internationally. She has a genuine commitment to helping students achieve their full potential.


Tess Levitzke


Tess is an experienced English tutor. She is currently studying nutrition and dietetics at Monash University and achieved a 47 study score in English. 

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Laura James 

Middle Years Teacher 

Laura is a currently teacher of English teacher at Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak and teaches students between years 8-10. 


She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (with Distinction) in 2021 majoring in Literature of Policy Studies. Following her undergraduate course, she completed a Masters of Teaching (Secondary) in 2022.


The classes were so informative and the teacher really seemed to care about how me and my learning. The best tutoring and teaching I have ever had


I just learnt so much. The classes were broken down into easy to follow steps and the teacher always made sure that I understood. My marks have never been better.


I learned more in 90 minutes a week with Excelsior than at school. English was my best study score and I also really enjoyed the classes.


Excelsior's classes really helped me feel more confident with English. Maths and Science has always been my best subjects but with Excelsior's lessons, English ended up being my highest study score.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes range from 3 to 12 students.
In Year 12 class sizes are dependent on texts.

What times are the classes

 All class times are currently under revision for 2024

Times will be published as soon as possible 

Most classes run on a Sunday or weeknights 

Why do the year 12 students need to change classes in June? 

When students change from Unit 3 to Unit 4 their texts will also change. This means that they are likely to have to change their class time. They will be well advised of this in advance

Why are the class times set for year 12?

There are 20 texts set by the VCAA for Unit 3 and 8 pairs of texts for Unit 4.  E
Each school has to choose 2 texts for Unit 3 and one pair of texts for Unit 4, therefore arranging classes for the 36 texts can be quite challenging.
We do everything that we can to accommodate, but we set the class times at the start of the year

How experienced are Excelsior's teachers

I'm good at English. Will Excelsior still help me?

We pride ourselves on excellent teaching. All of our teachers are very experienced and have Masters degrees or a PhD, but are also current examiners, educators and academics who keep up to date with current curriculum changes and learning practices and who genuinely care about our students.
Excelsior students are in good hands.

Absolutely. In fact one of our differences is that we can push good students to the very top. We consistently have students gain perfect scores in English and we strive to encourage every student to achieve their very best.


+61 416 140697

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