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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes range from 3 to 12 students.
In Year 12 class sizes are dependent on texts.

What times are the classes

We are only a small business and thus have limited times which can change throughout the year. The current times are:  

Year 12 classes: dependent upon texts Sunday, Monday & Tuesday 

Year 11: Sunday 

Year 9/10 : Sunday 

Year 7/8: Tuesday evening 

Why do the year 12 students need to change classes in June? 

When students change from Unit 3 to Unit 4 their texts will also change. This means that they are likely to have to change their class time. They will be well advised of this in advance

Why are the class times set for year 12?

There are 20 texts set by the VCAA for Unit 3 and 4 groups of texts for Unit 4. 
Each school has to choose 2 texts for Unit 3 and one area of study for Unit 4. 

Thus arranging classes for the 36 texts can be quite challenging.
We do everything that we can to accommodate and times may vary as the year progresses 

How experienced are Excelsior's teachers

We pride ourselves on excellent teaching. All of our teachers are very experienced and have Masters degrees or a PhD, but are also current examiners, educators and academics who keep up to date with current curriculum changes and learning practices and who genuinely care about our students.
Excelsior students are in good hands.

I'm good at English. Will Excelsior still help me?

Absolutely. In fact one of our differences is that we can push good students to the very top. We consistently have students gain perfect scores in English and we strive to encourage every student to achieve their very best.

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